grijze reuzen kangoeroe (© Helma van Dijk)

Grey Kangaroo (© Helma van Dijk)

Depending on the time and attention that is given to the animals, depending on the personality of the animal, the animal will build a trusting relationship with their caregiver(s).

Strange people or changing circumstances will always be reported and recognized as a threat.

All kangaroo species are social animals, so never just keep one animal alone, take at least two animals of the same species. It is not wise to keep these animals together with other animals, even mixing other kangaroo species is not recommended.

Give the kangaroos/wallabies their own pasture without other species. Where the kangaroos and wallabies separately run on a suitable plot in combination with proper nutrition are rarely problems.

As a rule of thumb, a pasture for Bennett wallabies and species of equal size, from minimal 200 m2 (preferably more) is sufficient for keeping 2 to maximum 5 animals. If one fence will always netting wire of 2 meter high. Never use power and/or barbed wire in the field, this one would have to be put on the outside to keep out cats, foxes and like that. Always make sure that at least on two sides (better 3) of the meadow is non-toxic shrubs or a fence provided for the animals to provide a safe and secure feeling. It is also necessary to have sufficient shady places, for example by means of trees (no conifers) to provide shade shelter the animals in the summer months. Protect the trees to prevent eat off the bark. A draft free stall must be present to protect animals from cold weather and frost.



grijze reuzen kangoeroe met joey (© Helma van Dijk)

Grey Kangaroo with joey (© Helma van Dijk)


Size in residence 16 m2 for Bennett Wallabies and species of similar size. Hay rack, food- and water troughs should be present, the animals need fresh drinking water. For the winter months, a heat lamp or heater (infrared), preferably with thermostat required. Ensure that water can’t freeze, possibly make use of special heating elements to keep the water ice-free. It is well known that specific Bennett are hard, yet this does not mean that this is an ideal situation. Under good conditions they will manage fine, but then it is necessary to have the power supply and housing on the ride.

Remember that these animals only flourish in peace and security and therefore does not belong in front- or rear-gardens and especially not in urban areas!